Wednesday, 25 May 2011

This is what I got so far. I will edit/fix my narrative a bit later and I think of redoing the easel which does not look good in any way. I will add more of the silvery material in some places. By the way could not find thick stockings, so tomorrow I will just buy a black sheet of cloth in the market and insert various shaped modeling material in it. I will not fix anything into place with superglue for now so I am waiting for comments before I do tommorow of what to maybe change.

My progress so far. I managed to break the glass and im currently transferring the newspaper image on to the wood.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Added the "illusion" wall. I will add this material in spiral form around the place where my hero is going to be sitting/standing..

Sunday, 22 May 2011

To convey the concept of 'overflowing' out of my room, I was thinking of adding wires or thread to criss cross around the objects that seem to be protruding out to show a barrier being broken. I have yet to push out the heel and chair out of the balsa wood and line up one side of the wall with old photos hidden behind strands of jewellry and torn wall paper.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Slow Progress

I have slow progress because I can not find the things I need and currently looking for alternatives. Would appreciate suggestions from anyone where I could buy: various CHEAP dolls (lots of various sizes) ; stretchy black material (I may use stockings but they are kind of transparent...)

I still need to figure out what illusion to print out for my model.

I am going to build the easel and mirror a bit later. (would be nice to buy an intricate, small painting frame)

Friday, 20 May 2011

Managed to make the timber base today. the top picture showes the position of the acrylic box and the hourglass.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Top: Photograph of objects i managed to get today.
Bottom: Diagram of how i plan to do the model. Im aiming to have the timber base and the acrylic box done tomorrow. The box will be bolted onto the timber base to give it that mechanical look. I will play with the composition and add things as i go along so that the concept is portrayed at its best. I cant find an hourglass anywhere so i will use a wine glass instead.I will also experiment with printing the newspaper pattern on the timber planes. i will upload more pictures as i get into that.
The white box will be made of balsa, i have to add more objects for example a real sized shoe and paint the chair and bed in black. The objects are larger than life sized to give an effect of spilling out. I have yet to create a wallpaper montage of my childhood that i will cover with metal barriers to depict how 'protected' my life was.

Model Progress

I have finally completed the polystyrene mould for the ship and am about to begin cladding it.

I think I have managed to source the materials I need for the crackle glaze base which I should have by Sunday.

I also now have a selection of fabrics to choose from for sails. I think I will use this old silk which seems to tear and fray better than other fabrics I have found.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

This quick model was done to figure out the scale of the objects I will need to buy tomorrow. The Problem is with the optical illusion that I am going to do on the left: What kind of optical illusion, what size to print it on to, ect...and should I add the roof? Other than that it seems that the actual model is going to be fine untill I start adding the details.

The other bit I need to figure out is how to do the "effects of the drug": should I add the generic colorful background or pattern around the "hero" of my model, because I think all of these things that I am going to add are not going to be enough to convince of what I am trying to show.

Jae Yoo 1026669. polaroid samples

Will be possibly adding notes and dates underneath the film. More pictures to be uploaded.Blank pictures are implying the future waiting to be filled in.

I only feel the need for foam board and cardboard to construct the space and internal fountain whilst a simple use of paint will help designate the separate sections and emphasis the experience of both

Everyone is forced to wait at one point in their lives for something; stuck in a tedious limbo whilst holding onto the hope that what they expect to happen finally will at a speculated or given period of time. The entire experience is held through this expectation, one easily endures it when given enough reason to have it and just as quickly refuses to when they don't. Thus one imagines a parallel universe in which you either wait or decided otherwise, opening two entirely separate experiences that culminate in an ending reached through unique experiences.

Sorry this late, I caught food poisoning earlier and am just starting to recover from it properly

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

jonny edwards

Concept sketch


Character sketch

Collected objects. The last things i see before i go to sleep.

You close your eyes in an attempt to extinguish the embers of consciousness, to sooth the dull burning of exhaustion. All is still in the room, as the silence embraces your body; but still synapses crackle and spark behind your eyes. This is going to be a long night.

You feel paralysis, like being conscious on an operating table. These sheets become your shackles, with your mind whirring in panic, but your body is aching and lifeless, unable to respond.

Behind your eyelids, the day’s events play themselves over and over like a familiar movie stuck on loop. Reality dissolves and distorts into a flickering phantasmagoria of images. Tomorrow seems an eternity away as you wait in vain for sleep to take you in her arms.

images wont upload at the moment, will try after the Reading vs Cardiff playoff second leg. (10pm)

The cling film on the model in progress represents how suffocatingly protected I was but have now ripped through it to enter my 'rebellious space'.

Jae Yoo.1026669

I am waiting for my future. I know that I will always have my motherland and my root, my family in the picture. I preciously store my past scent, scenery, sound and touch deep inside. They are sometimes used as a fuel that keeps me ‘waiting’. I am somehow expecting my past to reappear in my future.

By the time I ‘reach’ my future, will my past still be (waiting) with me? 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Waiting Proposal - Lawrence Lynch


A ship is making the treacherous journey through the waters of Antarctica. Cautiously it squirms through the oncoming ice, until it succumbs and is engulfed by a thick ice flow, trapping it in its clutches. Relentlessly, the ice squeezes, crushing its hull. As the ship falls the ice draws in once more, suspending it in its descent. Frozen in time it waits for spring when it can finally be put to rest. Those that survive salvage what they can from the wreckage and set up home beneath an upturned lifeboat which might one day carry them to safety. The lifeboat itself lies helplessly on the ice’s surface, stranded, until it is once again surrounded by water. It too, frozen in time, is waiting to come to life, just as the motionless ice becomes moving, living water.

Set Design Sketch

I would construct the various sections of boat out of stained balsa wood.

The flailing rigging and sails are supposed to emphasise the ships suspension in time as the drama unfolds. I am considering coating them in a clear glue or liquid resin so that they appear to have frozen in the wind.

The ice base might be a sheet of perspex.

Concept watercolour of a boat waiting on the ice

I hope to use a similar colour scheme in the model to capture the emotion of the scene.



They both lived trapped in the feeling of loneliness that kept them away from the joy of life. - Exactly, as most of the people you see walking past you in the street. They go to different directions, they follow different paths but they have one thing in common; they feel lonely, depressed, abandoned. - She was blind living a present without future and he was living a present trapped in his painful past. For them, finding someone to love, someone who will respect them for what they really are, was simply a dream. Or at least, that’s what they believed. The question is, how long can you wait until love finds you?

-The mirror is like the eyes she doesn’t have and the confidence he does not have.

-The mirror is their reality and what is behind it may be their ‘future’

-The threads represent the people walking in the streets

-fiber optics enhance the existence of the two people – blind and depressed- that are waiting for someone to change their life.

Waiting for Interview - Javier Andana Rasul


A person is waiting for his turn for a job interview. There are quite a few selected candidates and they are not sure when is their turn for the interview. As he watches his competitors went in and out of the interview room, he begins to wonders if this is going to last forever, with high hopes that the next person to be interviewed would be him. Time is certainly flying real slowly and he finds himself occupying himself by staring at the door of the interview room and the clock, which are the only few articles found in the waiting area. Each time someone comes out of the room, and someone else is called before his turn,

he restarts his waiting moment of uncertainty filled with anxiety and nervousness.

The Set

The set would consist of two areas - the waiting areas and the interviewing room. The focus would be at the waiting area, which is quite small and dull.

The model would be made up of two walls. The first one is a wall that separates the waiting area and the interview room. This would be made up of straight materials like cardboards or timber. The second wall is a curved wall that define the boundary of the waiting area. This will be made up of timber dowels.


(These are some small objects that I can find. I was thinking to represent my characters with different style Chess pieces, assuming I could source them).


Ideas/work in progress

This is showing the barrier set and the the cling film i will wrap my space in.
The plot: waiting to break free of the protective barrier my parents have enveloped me in, to step into my own.It starts with a maze, representing my frantic search of a 'rebellious space' where i can be me and discover. The maze is breaking the set path controlled (by toothpicks) and directed by my family, culture, life.The scene i have frozen on is my room which is central to this search where i have broken free and am no longer waiting to step into my own.
This is showing the central space that i am going to use as my setting.
This represents the 5 objects i'll be using: heel shoes, mac and YSL makeup, jewellry (earrings, necklaces) and fancy perfume. All represent objects that will be either smashed, or pushed into the wall or broken in some way to show how i've broken free in my central 'rebellious' space; my room.

Accumulation of sketches into a scene.

Three sketches, narrative, objects / Gediminas Stasaitis ; c1002511

The model is going to be 2 walls and a floor. What is beyond that (space and darkness) is going yo be represented in the model one way or the other.
A Rough Narrative:

An artist is waiting for inspiration. It has been days since he painted anything so he decided to resort to drastic measures. After drug indulgence his mind slowly opens up to the universe. Without him knowing death is just around the corner, patiently waiting. Until the full effects take place he is anxiously waiting for inspiration to come.
Most of the inspiration came from Salvador Dali's paintings. To Dali, a dark cluster of ants was a symbol of death and decay, the idea which I intend to use.

As for the 3-5 objects. I have no idea what to choose or what would suit nicely for my model. I was thinking of artist supplies and stuff like that all over the room (like Francis Bacon's room exhibited in some museum).

Travelling. One awaits upon their arrival, in a situation where the passage of time is all that is substantial. In an event where the stillness of time contradicts the motion of travel, where in the end, the stillness is all that remains. Stillness floats within time and motion and one ends up suspended in time.

The surroundings are unsettling, appearing trapped in time. The chair rocks until it fades, the wheel rolls till it collides; the swing continues moving. In the background the radio carries on broadcasting, the newspaper is constantly published. Time defines the objects and the objects abstract time through motion. The absence of purpose for them right now, however, causes disengagement from time; suspension in time.

(i still havent sourced my objects, as i have to make some of them myself. i will publish photos of them as soon as i have them collected)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Monday, 9 May 2011

Jae Yoo.1026669

 Waiting. still.
but the thoughts are already there.
it is something very settled
but it is also somthing continuously moving.
It is the present and also the future.